InfoComm Beijing 2024 | AOTO Leads with AI+ Visual Innovations

24 | 04 | 2024

The InfoComm 2024 audio-visual integration exhibition in Beijing, China, concluded successfully on April 19th. AOTO showcased an array of AI-enhanced visual communication products that empower software, hardware, content, and interactions across four major sectors, impacting industries like film, digital content, finance and communication, rentals and sports, and smart education. AOTO, a pioneer in AI integration, has successfully transitioned AI from research and development to practical application, focusing on creating genuinely effective AI products.


Film & Digital Content | MetaBox 4KK with Cross-Modal Generative AI+XR Technology


The MetaBox 4KK solution, crafted by our subsidiary Gargantua, incorporates our proprietary Coruscant core control system. By simply entering specific keywords, users can activate AI algorithms to quickly create detailed 3D models and scenes, allowing for instant rendering and interaction. This compact XR virtual production studio delivers an experience comparable to high-end professional Virtual Production, offering an extremely cost-effective, full-featured  XR studio solution for live broadcasting, filming, and events. 



Rentals and Sports | CV-MIP Series: AI Energy-Saving Product Awarded the German iF Award

The CV-MIP series, winner of the 2024 German iF Design Award, features innovative AI energy-saving technology that significantly reduces power consumption, helping clients achieve their energy-saving and carbon-reduction goals.



Finance and Communications | Smart Command Center Solution with AI-Enhanced Data Collection


This solution integrates AI with data analytics and visualization technologies to automatically analyze surveillance footage, instantly identify unusual behavior, and predict potential risks. Moreover, AI algorithms adjust image parameters based on the monitoring environment, optimizing the display and enhancing image clarity and accuracy.



Smart Education | Intelligent Classroom Solution with IoT Control, Transforming Educational Settings

AOTO's intelligent classroom solution introduces a new teaching model based on information technology. By applying smart technologies, AOTO smart classrooms blend physical and digital spaces, local and remote environments, enabling natural interaction within the learning space and supporting the full digitization of the educational process.



As a global leader in intelligent visual communication solutions, AOTO will continue to drive innovation with AI, collaborating with clients to shape a smarter, more efficient, and environmentally friendly future.


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